Scrap Factory Expanaion Packs

Saturday, July 29, 2023

New toy and out of that new toy comes my ROBOT


No guesses as to what our houses new toy is . Yes we now have a ender 3 3dprinter and here is our first attempts . Firstly the cat printed just the bottom section before failing. Then after a little play we got it to print a full cat. Ok then a fan cover after we adjusted the temperature and did up a screw or two .
What was I always going to print next? My own robot design but first attemped ended up having to be stopped as i did not put supports in it (lucky i seen that early on!) and will use that as a flat robots put together with misprints. So I then printed my robot with the supports and I am loving it for a first try.


Sunday, July 09, 2023

Ford Quilt

 i made this for my friends husband. I pieced the quilt then quilted it and but then cause of the white fabric i used i had to appliqued the logo down