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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

3D Steampunk airship ONE

This years festival was to be airships. 
So back late last year i set to making a pattern for 
an air ship small but to see I was on the right track 
of making it .
Before cutting in using the brown card stock i had i 
grabbed a orange (that i knew i would not miss if it 
did not work)
Cut it out went together so  well I was soo pleased 
with it that I added trims onto it to get the thickness 
look that i was after I layered 6 of the same gears 
on top of each other . Did some quilled card stock to 
add other trims
 It was all about building up the look till I was soo 
happy with it (but had done all this work and it is 
 Added the pipe work at the back shapping the pipe
pieces as i glued them together .

 So once it was all done I was in love with it that I 
then took brown acrylic paint and gave it two coats of 
it. After it was dry I used some gold and sliver acrylic
paint on my fingers and used it to highlight the raised 
And sat alongside the small train set at the festival
Tasmanian Steampunk Festival
 George Town Tasmania 
24th June 2017

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