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Sunday, January 22, 2017

What I did with my ART YARN

OK Christmas has came (or did it?) and gone 
and now it is time to get back into doing lots of 
fun things . Friday (two days ago) was our first 
weaving day back for the year . So I found the last
of my black merino yarn and my Art yarn. Warped up
the ashford sampler loom with the black and wound two
shuttles with the art yarn so that they have the colours starting 
at different places and one shuttle with black .
I did three rows of black yarn then followed by one of the art yarns
coming through the shed from the right coming out or the warp when
   the cocoon starts and then back in when it finishes so that 
all of them are not woven into the warp. Doing the same with the second
shuttle but starting from the left this time . Then followed but 
three plain weaves of black.
(photos of me at open day spin in public)


Saturday, January 14, 2017


Been working on inkscape

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

GEARing up for 2017 FINISHED with rider

For those who are coming here for the first time 
HERE are
and now after looking at it while i was making it I decided that it 
needed a robot on it to ride it. 
So here it is  

Friday, January 06, 2017

GEARing up for a great 2017 (PART THREE of three posts)

If you have missed PART ONE and PART TWO click on links
Here it is in its finished state .
This was soo much fun to think of and it worked out how 
I had imagined . 
Penny Farthings are very much what i consider a steampunk
and this is my version BUT it would not be fun to ride as the 
wheels are not smooth .
 So now you want to see?

OK there will be a part four to follow but 
now you will have to wait as i have been working
on it for 2 days now and still not finished 
there is something truly missing from this art work !!

Thursday, January 05, 2017

GEARing up for a great 2017 (PART TWO of three posts)

OK  as promised here is a sneak peak of part two
of what i am working on.
If you missed part one see HERE 
This time the  gear is now double the size with more 
cut outs in the gear (to prove to myself i could do this ).

 This one is 10inches across and one inch thick 
it does not open.
Here are the two so far 

Wednesday, January 04, 2017

GEARing up for a great 2017 (PART one of three posts)

OK I was not going to show my steampunk stuff for 2017 Tasmanian steampunk festival. But since I want to post and not leave everything till June (cause my blog will be quiet again if i wait) So here is what i have been working on over the past three days. NO correction this is a 1/3 part sneak peak of what i have been working on over the past three days . I designed the gear and then turned it into the 3D pattern in make the cut. Still learning lots as I make the 3D patterns. I cut this in black then pieced it altogether, before then going to cut out all the embossed trims ** embossed trims are three of each piece glued together and then glued on the gear. THEN I took gold acrylic paint on my finger and added to the black embossed gear and

 Besure to check back for part two and three 
coming soonnnnnnnn