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Sunday, December 18, 2016

When the tree is not really a TREE!

I am doing lots of learning at the moment to teach 
myself to be able to project photos and videos on to 
a building (well a model of a building ) and as I am 
in the early stages of working it all out it is all trial and 
error . 
So this morning one of the trials was to make 
the lighthouse model our 2017 Christmas tree .
(which Louise and Neal gave me the idea)
So here is a video of the video working so far .
The light house is from SVGcuts 
and the lighthouse from the 
SeaSide collection   BUT enlarged to as 
big as i could cut it on the force 
WELL there you go  i have 6 months to 
get it all perfect!
Have a very Merry Chrismtas

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