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Thursday, November 24, 2016

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Saturday, November 12, 2016

IN THE PINK Art show George Town Tasmania Australia

Last night the 
Art show started last night and I can now show my 
entry for it .
September started like any other month 
but soon led to sitting at my computer 
and Make the cut software for many hours 
over the two first days of September.
Then it was time to take the pattern to the 
force to cut out  (with one false start as I had
designed the legs wrong).

Looking around the room there is not many pink robots in 
this house! things were now coming together how i imagined .
With now is laying ready to all come together ready for 
decorating . I took a bit of a break from it TO THINK
as it was 16" tall I did not want the weight of his head to 
buckle his feet , neck or any part.
So he layed in pieces for 2 days while i thought of what to do.

Cut some Gears out of the darker pink and more gears 
out of the darker pink and added to the finished 3D robot .
Then and only then I was ready to put my entry form into 
the art show in George Town as i was happy with how 
had turned out 
So he was delivered to the The Jim Mooney Gallery
 on Tuesday 
and Last night (friday 11th November 2016)
was opening night.

If you are in Tasmania POP on up to 
The Jim Mooney Gallery
George Town and be sure to check these Pink 
art works out 
DON'T forget to vote for your favorite artwork 
while you are there ;-)

OH and a Huge shout out to Louise 
my friend who also put her art work in the art show
which was a wonderful woven piece with cuttlebug cut 
Butterflies woven into it 
It turned out fantastic