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Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Tibbers (Korimco bear) another bear to tell his story

My name is Tibbers Korimco
I came from a second had shop and sat on the couch
with George Gibson for 4 months 
it was a very happy life.
Till Susan's and Neal's son arrived in Tasmania 
for a visit.
Then  I heard Susan telling Martyn to read 
a blog post from back in June and then Martyn 
picked me up and handed me to Susan.
All was fine till Susan got her scissors out and 
cut a hole in my back and Pulled out my stuffing
Now I know how George felt that day !
Soon after I was put on the Hoop
OUCH now what has she done she has put me in 
the tattooing machine 
Half way done (painful)
She put me back in the machine
and added some wording
Get me off this hoop!
NOW for some stuffing please
Ahh that is better
now my eyes are looking better too

very nicely tattooed
OK now I am in the arms of a BOY who will 
love and cherish me
OH big hug
Think now he is a little shy

I am happy being back to a different kind of normal
now that Martyn boy is talking about something called an
Airplane what is this? George told me nothing about this ?
OK I know what to do. Susan is not at her computer and it 
is still on. Be right back!

 OH NO this looks  not right! birds fly bears are not 
made to fly!!!
I have a day to find a good place to hide.
Somewhere where I will not be found
SHHHHH don't tell Martyn he might forget me 
and leave me here!
Please keep my secret.


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