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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Towels out ready SUGAR GLIDER

I also made some towels embroidered with 
Helene's favorite animal Sugar glider
The image was drawn by Cathy for Helene
and then I turned it into a stitch file using 
embrillience software

YES you guessed it her room was decked out in 
ROBOTS as well

Monday, October 24, 2016

Throw Blanket Holiday in Tassy

OK I can now show you what I have been making over the 
past 5 months leading up to Helene coming to visit me .
The week after her trip was booked Neal and I went to 
check out some places we could go while she was here.
While at the national park and in the gift shop I seen 
a through blanket that was nice and thought that I could 
make a very special blanket for Helene to remember her
trip. So on the way home we went to the shop and got a 
striped blanket and that next day I used embrilliance software
and designed what i was going to embroider on it.
So here it is 

be sure to check back again as I have some more things 
to show you what i made.

Monday, October 17, 2016

in Tasmania

BUT first a trip to Melbourne to say Hi to Martyn

OK OK this has been a long time in the planning 
now it is time to come down south! To visit with me .

A short visit to Sydney airport

Will soon be in Tasmania

A big thank you gift

As a thank you for a lady that 
knitted me a pair of hooded mittens 
I made this set of towels

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Friday, October 07, 2016

What happens when there is no shelf space?

The shelves are full and now it seems like the 
ROBOTS are climbing the walls 

I designed this after seeing for many months while 
watching a USA soap opera (which i have been watching
every weekday for  30 years) one of the actors had three
people climbing the wall. And all i would do is that would 
make good idea for robots.

Name that show??

Tuesday, October 04, 2016

SPUTNIK Day (First man made object in space)

Today is SPUTNIK Day 
 (First man made object  in space 59 years ago today )
So it is time for Neal to have another flag for his
bike. (though sadly he will not be out on the bicycle today 
as it is raining and raining and raining today )
I designed in embrilliance and embroidered on the 
brother embroidery machine

Tibbers (Korimco bear) another bear to tell his story

My name is Tibbers Korimco
I came from a second had shop and sat on the couch
with George Gibson for 4 months 
it was a very happy life.
Till Susan's and Neal's son arrived in Tasmania 
for a visit.
Then  I heard Susan telling Martyn to read 
a blog post from back in June and then Martyn 
picked me up and handed me to Susan.
All was fine till Susan got her scissors out and 
cut a hole in my back and Pulled out my stuffing
Now I know how George felt that day !
Soon after I was put on the Hoop
OUCH now what has she done she has put me in 
the tattooing machine 
Half way done (painful)
She put me back in the machine
and added some wording
Get me off this hoop!
NOW for some stuffing please
Ahh that is better
now my eyes are looking better too

very nicely tattooed
OK now I am in the arms of a BOY who will 
love and cherish me
OH big hug
Think now he is a little shy

I am happy being back to a different kind of normal
now that Martyn boy is talking about something called an
Airplane what is this? George told me nothing about this ?
OK I know what to do. Susan is not at her computer and it 
is still on. Be right back!

 OH NO this looks  not right! birds fly bears are not 
made to fly!!!
I have a day to find a good place to hide.
Somewhere where I will not be found
SHHHHH don't tell Martyn he might forget me 
and leave me here!
Please keep my secret.