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Monday, June 06, 2016

Waffle weave HandBag

I have always liked the look of waffle weave and when I got my 4 Shaft loom I wondered if I could weave it on a 4 shaft, then I found the pattern. I was very happy and warped my loom up with 2 ply wool and wove it. I had put 5 meters of warp on the loom but only got to about 1 meter when I then cut off what I had woven. I loved it but what to do with it? So then I spent the next two days plain weaving the rest of the warp that was on the loom with a contrasting Hand spun. I soon knew that both the waffle weave and the hand spun was going to look good together. So the decision was made - I was going to cut these up to make a hand bag. First of all I took the waffle weave to the embroidery machine and embroidered a robot on the front. I used the Waffle weave with the robot for the zipped pocket and the plain weave for the main part of the bag. Lined it all with both black cotton fabric (which I used to attach to the woven pieces) and then lined the whole bag and pocket with cotton robot fabric. What I wanted to show is that using lots of techniques on one project work good together, (Weaving, spinning, embroidery and sewing).

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