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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Weaving PLUS sewing makes a bag

When weaving a scarf now on the 
sampler rigid heddle loom. I add extra 
warp so I have some fabric after I have finished 
to use on other projects. So 
when i wove a scarf in this pink/black yarn
I also had enough over to make a couple of pockets for bags.
But discovering that it was not wide enough for my bag
pattern, I had to rethink it and so i thought i would make 
an extra pocket for the bag on the other side and 
I added machine stitching on the fabric part of the bag to 
match with the weaving .

Sunday, June 26, 2016

What would be SteamPunk without a...................

Hmm let me see
yes for those that follow my blog might 
have remembered seeing the Lego robot
3d paper i made (HERE and HERE
when i decided i wanted to do a steampunk one. 
I set to turning it into a steampunk lego robot.

And here is more views of our artwork table by Neal and me
 (we only had less than three months to work on this BUT now
we have 12 mon ths to work on new display for next year)

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Lights a steampunk

Light house from SVGCUTS made a great steampunk eddition
(specially cause we have our low head light house just up the road)
Cut it in black and gold and added
 holograph to the windows, instead of vellum.

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Great start to the day Steam punk

Had a great day and now looking
 forward to next years. 
Though the day did not go as smooth all day
as within 15 minutes of the festival starting.
The smoke tunnel set off the fire alarm.
So we all ended up being evacuated 
till the fire brigade turned up to give us the 
OK to return to halls.
(P.S. the smoke behind us there is from the 
blacksmiths not the hall LOL)
 Everyone waiting for the alarm to be turned off
added to the day (BUT IT WAS COLD OUT THERE!)

Steam punk Teapot race (with winner of best decorated)

A bit of fun in the afternoon was the 
teapot race.
Neal's (my husband) entry

Steam punk outfit

OK it was our first time to this type 
of event and this is how we went.
(nothing like somepeople dressed WOW they all looked
I put the gears on Neal's tie with brads 
Even mt teapot from yesterdays post
wanted to be seen again
 Made his jacket many years ago

And his bike helmet fit the theme of 
the day
I managed at the last minute this past week to embroider a 
steam punk spinning wheel from Urban threads
and make it into a jacket to wear

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Steam Punk Tea Pot

and cut the teapot at just over double the size and 
used tim holtz steam punk embossing folders 
to emboss all the gold panels , added a few metal 
gears on the lid of the teapot .
Cutting these on the force makes it all a lot quicker.

The tea pot is in black card board, with gold trims and stands 12inches tall 
DON'T forget to visit all the links in 
will show more of mine over the next week or so

STEAM PUNK on in George Town today

Here we are the SteamPunk Festival has 
arrived in George Town Tasmania 
and over the next few days I will show the 
artwork that i have on display there , but in the 
mean time I thought I would show you other work that
I am sooooooooo proud of
(not just because they are my husband's (Neal) art work 
for the festival)

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

George Gibson (Teddy tells his own story )

HELLO there my name is George Gibson
I just arrived home in Susan's and Neal's white
car. I was soo happy to be out of that second hand shop...
 It was a fun trip home (well till i started to hear
Susan talking about my outcome!) Ekks don't want to 
go into that house!!
 OH what was I worried about this is a comfortable 
computer chair I can get used to this.
 HANG ON ! Susan why are you looking at my back?
 She is looking at me . 
What is that she has in her hand?
Look what Susan did to me!
 I feel deflated now.
 She turned me inside out 
 Looks like I am going for another ride.
 That ride took a lot of time and was no 
fun at all!
 Glad to be out of the ride .
 WOW Look at me I have writing and 
jewels all over me !
 OH it is soo sparkly
 OH that is better I am all stuffed again.
But I do feel a bit strange still .
 Looking a little more like myself.

Susan think I am still missing something?
 OH OH and a brand new bow. 
Thank you !
 So glad I was brought from the second hand shop 
for just $3, been given a new look and will be loved.