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Friday, April 15, 2016

KNK FORCE 019 last page plus

Today brings us to the page 9 last page of the 
pop up book. This one is  done with the bear out 
I really have enjoyed how the  force scores then cuts 
it makes things go heaps easier.

Here was were I was going to show  my book binded
I thought oh i have binded soo many books so far I 
know how i did it 
With having not made a book and binded it for a year now
My finished result was  like my first ever book i made
EKKSSS . So I should have looked at my 
SO I now have this book with half the binding on
and with the spine of it cut off so when i fix it 
I will show it at a later date 
(think i will go off now and finish crying

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1Cardcreator said...

You are so imaginative, loved looking at yor book. ~ Diane

CathyC said...

oh, they are gorgeous :) I am just venturing back into using my KNK and your book has inspired me :) thank you for sharing your progress!


I am sure you will work it out and the book will look awesome - chin up! Glad you are loving the Force.