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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

KNK FORCE 016 day 6 of the pop up book PLUS

Had a question about the layers of this card so 
here I will show something .
I designed the giraffe  using basic shapes .
HERE GOES a little about it 
when the tan colour was cut I then 
folded and glued back to back the pieces 
leaving ONE INCH at the bottom of them 
not glued.
 then thinking that the tan was too much i 
was going to cut the layer of green to cover it 
BUT thought then i would have a 1mm rim 
of tan (cause i did an inset shadow of 1mm)
so I got a black marker and coloured all around the 
tan card that was going to be in the folded card.
 Layered all the pieces on front and back
 Cut the folded card and added the pop up in 

 Then cut the green layer with the 1mm inset
shadow in  and it gave the card a nice black frame that
I had made with the marker
 and a more finished look
So here is the full card hope that 
answered the question that came in  
If not  leave a message with next question.

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