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Monday, April 04, 2016

KNK FORCE 009 teddy

In my last post KNK 009
I mentioned that I was going to go and 
turn a teddybear sliceform into a sheep
Well I found my Teddy sliceform pattern 
and then sat here trying to change him.
Trouble is that I had not put the Teddy 
together for sooo long that I needed to get 
an idea of how it was put together so I got 
some pink card stock and cut her out .
The card stock cut soo nice 
(have to say at this point of time that I am 
still using my zing mat. WHY?
A: because it is not as sticky )

Now I head back to work on turning the pattern
into a sheep , Big job for me anyway !

If you live in Australia or New Zealand
you can purchase a KNK force from 

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