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Monday, February 29, 2016


It only comes once every 4 years 
Here is a little frog i made "in the hoop"
on the embroidery machine
P.S. He has been leaping all around the house this morning  (I am just a biggggg KID )

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Cotton shirt

My Friend came to me over Christmas holidays 
and asked if i could do her a favor . She had gotten her
shirts for lions club and they were 100% polyester and 
was unable to wear them. She had found a 100% cotton shirt 
and was wondering if i could turn it into a lions club shirt for 
her .
I said I would give it a go but I am just learning it all at the moment.
Then after thinking for a while I was getting worried and 
said to her when she delivered the shirt  i could do it as an 
applique, that way if things went wrong we could save the shirt .
So set out to make the stitch pattern and sewed it on the blue 
fabric and then appliqued it onto the back of her shirt 
I am so pleased with how it turned out and so was Heather

And here is the front


Wednesday, February 03, 2016

ButterFlies Fly

In the three years since i moved state I have started so many new hobbies
and though machine embroidery was not a new hobby for me I did however upgrade my 24 year old embroidery machine (with very limitations ) to a brother machine.
So in June this year I started with a weaving group (yes the new hobby for me) and I happened to mention that I wanted to weave a scarf and embroider butterflies on it .
My teacher who is a fan of butterflies and the colour pink said OH am i going to do a sampler first (as I always do ) and said well if you dont want the samplier she would have it. So here is my hand woven sampler with applique and embroider on it 
Will so the scarf when i have it ready

OK my software for embroidery imports SVG files
and as I think Make the Cut is friendlier than any
of my other programs I do 90% of the designing 
in MAKE THE CUT before taking the svg into 
embroidery software to assign stitches .
Don't be afraid to use what you have !