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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Robbie the robot

With the christmas holidays over here I had 
time away from my other hobbies to sit 
and learn more about my embroidery software.
I have not washed away all the stabilizer yet but 
I wanted to show you what i worked on this week.
 I drew the robot and then blew him up big enough
 so i could still fit parts of him in hoops (highest hoop i have is 5" x 7") 
 Spent lots of time in perla premium  and turned 
them all into a sew-able  project and 9 hoops later
 , joining each piece to the other in the hoop as well as i went . 
Here is my friend finished
he is 18" tall

 to get an idea of the hoop size compaired to him 
he is a photo
 Hoop parts  as follows


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