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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Hidden Pocket (Robbie the robot Bag)

Spent yesterday and today working on this (though 
i had drawn and digitized the robbie last week) 
I knew what i wanted to make  on the embroidery machine 
(as well as in the hoop which means *that all the sewing 
together is sewn on the embroidery machine and don't have 
to take it to the normal machine to sew*)
So here it is the opening is in the bottom
Then when you put you had up and pull the inside
There is another bag that slides down
and the opening is in the top of that bag
everything worked the way i planed it and I 
am very happy

MY plan back in early December was to leave all the other
hobbies for 2 months and concentrate on learning more  of the 
embroidery software and I am soo happy i did .

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