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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Hidden Pocket (Robbie the robot Bag)

Spent yesterday and today working on this (though 
i had drawn and digitized the robbie last week) 
I knew what i wanted to make  on the embroidery machine 
(as well as in the hoop which means *that all the sewing 
together is sewn on the embroidery machine and don't have 
to take it to the normal machine to sew*)
So here it is the opening is in the bottom
Then when you put you had up and pull the inside
There is another bag that slides down
and the opening is in the top of that bag
everything worked the way i planed it and I 
am very happy

MY plan back in early December was to leave all the other
hobbies for 2 months and concentrate on learning more  of the 
embroidery software and I am soo happy i did .

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Light as a Feather (scarf for Lynsey)

With my best friend coming to visit tasmania
 from the main land I wanted to make her something
 special . Louise had taught us to make these scarfs
 earlier this year , Jaddy had given me some white 
yarn and last week I set about to make it . 
She was so happy with it (as was I ) .
Woven on a Rigid heddle 12" loom

Robbie the robot

With the christmas holidays over here I had 
time away from my other hobbies to sit 
and learn more about my embroidery software.
I have not washed away all the stabilizer yet but 
I wanted to show you what i worked on this week.
 I drew the robot and then blew him up big enough
 so i could still fit parts of him in hoops (highest hoop i have is 5" x 7") 
 Spent lots of time in perla premium  and turned 
them all into a sew-able  project and 9 hoops later
 , joining each piece to the other in the hoop as well as i went . 
Here is my friend finished
he is 18" tall

 to get an idea of the hoop size compaired to him 
he is a photo
 Hoop parts  as follows


Friday, January 22, 2016


Drew this for the embroidery software and then Neal
was looking at it in inkscape and  embossed and colouerd the image
I think it is a great improvement on my outline drawing .

Will be showing my Robbie embroidery real soon

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

PCS044 NEW video lesson (well PART 2 of PCS043)

HEre is a part two of the lesson i did yesterday so if you 
have not watched that  click here first PCS043.
Todays tutorial is changing the planes 

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

PCS043 NEW video lesson

YES you are seeing right I have made 
a quick pop up card video for you all using 
hope you enjoy
VIDEO can be Found 

Monday, January 11, 2016

POP UP card studio HELP048

Just uploaded another Help video 
hope it helps you all 

Tuesday, January 05, 2016

New POPUP card studio HELP video

Over in the MTC/PCS forum there was a 
question that i felt needed a video so 
I quickly did one. HOPE it helps others too 

you can view it HERE

Saturday, January 02, 2016

Keep Calm

Made this little gift for the lady that opens her
studio each week to us and TEACHERS us as well .
Her studio is her favorite colour of pink so 
 that is the colour i made it 

A big thank you to Louise for all the weaving 
she has taught us all this year.

Knee blanket

Made this back in September , as my friend had some yarn 
and was going to give it away one day as she did not know 
that she would use it. We said oh keep it and borrow my wide loom 
and she did and she made a wonderful knee blanket adding 
sari silk at every 10 row. Well I liked her blanket soo much 
that i went out and brought some yarn and silk to make myself 
one as well  Here is mine

It is for over my KNEES not there knees !