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Sunday, December 25, 2016

Giant Metal ROBOT

Back in May 2014 I made this 3D robot .
Now I have made him bigger and given him a 
steampunk look 
I used embossing folders and all the scraps left over when cutting
out the main body.
Then after that was dry I then using gold acrylic paint and my finger
and added gold to the raised parts. the front panel is a drawer
that Neal can now make things that move or light up and put in so it can be seen
through the window  (will show you them as he makes things to go in there)

 Today is Christmas day and although I 
tried so hard to get it done before today I was 
still making the drawer this morning .
Made for Neal for Christmas Present 2016


Steampunk Harley raffle

Steampunk Tasmania are raffling a "steampunked" Harley motorcycle :

Steampunk Tasmania Festival Countdown

The Steampunk Tasmania Festival 2017 Countdown has begun. 
The Festival is hosted in George Town, Tasmania on 24th June 2017.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

When OLD is New again

Back in May 2013 after being in 
Tasmania for 2 months I made a robot 
which sat in the window to see anyone that came 
into my house . 

Well now over 3 years later 
it as gotten faded and cause it is a moist place he also 
got a little moist and started to sag forward .
It was looking like when we took him out the window,
it sort of was like he needed to go in the bin.
So I dusted him and then mended him as best as I 
could adding a prop so he was no longer saging 
forward . AND then I got the black paint and painted it completely
black and cut out 100's of black gears to paste all over him and 
then gave it a second paint of mat black paint.
After the black was dry I then lightly added sliver paint to 
the surface of the complete robot  and here is the 

When the tree is not really a TREE!

I am doing lots of learning at the moment to teach 
myself to be able to project photos and videos on to 
a building (well a model of a building ) and as I am 
in the early stages of working it all out it is all trial and 
error . 
So this morning one of the trials was to make 
the lighthouse model our 2017 Christmas tree .
(which Louise and Neal gave me the idea)
So here is a video of the video working so far .
The light house is from SVGcuts 
and the lighthouse from the 
SeaSide collection   BUT enlarged to as 
big as i could cut it on the force 
WELL there you go  i have 6 months to 
get it all perfect!
Have a very Merry Chrismtas

Saturday, December 17, 2016


I made this for Carol as her KrisKringle  present 
and we had a most wonderful day yesterday at 
the Pier hotel. There were 10 of us, celebrating 
a wonderful year of weaving and looking forward to the 
year to come 
designed in Embrilliance software , embroidered on my 
brother embroidery machine and then sewn by me 

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

2016 big year ( yes i am still here ) LONGSTORY

There has been a lot of questions asking if i am still 
going to blog and still do paper craft and other things 
YES I AM ! . I have just had a big year of doing Susan stuff 
and learning lots of other things and getting out and about too .
NOW to my big past year. I have had a very busy year.
Seeing more of Tasmania as we had planed to do. 
We went down the east coast in March for a weekend 
and had a wonderful time even though it rained and rained .
 Then in late March or early april (cant remember now 
a group of us girls had a stall out at the Exiter Show .
Which turned out to be a FANTASTIC day . I sat 
and demoed weaving all day . while Loraine spun.
(we managed to get two new spinners and weavers out of the day . 
And sold a few of our made stuff)
in Mid April we went over the west coast of Tasmania 
and did some sight seeing over the . It was great as I had not
been over there to see that for 37 years  and wow had it changed.
In June I put for of my yarn items in the Art show in Burnie.
And the Saturday we headed over to see the art show which 
was fantastic.
Many times through out the year we go to parts of the state 
and spin and weave with people from all over the state 
it is a wonderful get together.
(while i am at these advents Neal is out on his bicycle 
exploring parts he has not seen on his bike)
In about February I got my new paper cutting machine the
"force" .
 And it has been getting used lots (WAIT YOU SAY!!
you have not seen lots!  There is a reason for that as lots 
can not be shown till the go on display at other evens 
like steampunk 2017. There is also a book that  i am working 
on that is going to take a long time to finish)
As well as  playing on the force I have also been learning more 
of the embroidery machine soft ware and embroidering 
things (some you will see over this following year) 
Even managing to get back into my sewing which is a good thing.
In May I found out that Helene from Settle was coming for a 
visit in October, So from then I got soo excited planing and thinking 
of all the wonderful things we could do . 
it was a very long wait . (but worth it )
In June after a few months of making thing 
George Town (where i live ) Had there first 
Steampunk Festival . We made art work to have 
on display there and it was a fantastic festival .
Before the festival finished we were already thinking 
of the next years  (even joining the committee for the 2017 one)
IN July  at the weaving studio I went to a weaving class 
called "Saori"  and it was a wonderful class and learnt lots 
i can see these ideas will be used a lot over the years .
In August for science week there was a robot expo on in 
George town so we were at the door before that opened , it 
was like they put it on just for me !
In September we went to Hobart for a few days holiday 
down there it was a fantastic time away . (as well as 
got my mind off the excitement of Helene arrive in just a 
month later WHICH i was driving Neal crazy with ) 
THEN in early October we had Martyn over for a few 
days , it was great to see him  and had a wonderful time .
Then a week later was the time  to be even more excited.
Helene was on her way ( a little hick up though there was 
a huge storm heading her way and flights will be surely 
delayed . TO fix this ment she had to leave settle earlier 
and spend more time in san fransico airport so that is what she did )
She flew to Sydney airport then on to Melbourne airport 
where Martyn went to the airport to spend 6 hours with 
then Helene boarded the airplane to Tasmania YEAH 
Martyn rang me to tell me that Helene's   was on its 
way so of we went to the airport and YES there it was 
got soo excited as Helene appeared at the top of the stairs .
We got home here at about 10.30pm and talked for what seemed like
forever before getting a little sleep . 
We managed to do lots while Helene was here  spent lot of 
time laughing and talking as well .
Seen lots of australian animals  as well . Went to spinning,
weaving and spin open day .
Helene went home with another hobbie of weaving 
having made two scarf's while here . Having 
taken up spinning the week after i took up spinning 3 years ago .
I did not want the holiday to end it was a jam packed full 10
days and had soo much fun.
But had to give her back to her family :-(
Good news that with in that next week Martyn 
managed to get a new job and loving it .
November bring another art show this time in 
George Town  and the title of IN THE PINK 
so Louise and I entered our art work and it was 
wonderful to see them in the show .
Cant wait till the next one .
then late November I joined a two day art yarn 
class and had a great time and learnt a lot of 
ideas . I can see i am going to love spinning yarn this way 
as it will suit the weaving soo much .
Having over the year gotten right into the weaving and learning 
how to combine the spinning with the weaving .
All year i have gone to spinning once every 2 weeks on thursdays and 
weaving every friday . ( which an extra weaving day will be added every 
two years in 2017  YEAH CANT WAIT ) 

Now i can just see I have forgotten alot of things out of this 
post but as you can see . Even though we moved over her to 
slow down life and enjoy life . I have speed up life 
but ENJOYING life .
Hope you all have a good Christmas and See you all 
in 2017 . thanks for still visiting my blog .

P.S. I was wondering if anyone is interested in live youtubes 
from me in 2017 . These will be me using Make the Cut 
and answering any question i can ( i think they are much like 
the way webinars work .) If there is any interest i will look into 
it and see how it all works .
leave me a message here

Art yarn

Firstly  earlier this month i went on a two day class
on spinning "ARTYARN" and i was soo happy with 
how the class went and my results .
NEXT thing i want to do is weave them into my weaving .
Might have to now wait till after Christmas to do that.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Steam Punk Save the date

Yes it is on again
Find out more 

Saturday, November 12, 2016

IN THE PINK Art show George Town Tasmania Australia

Last night the 
Art show started last night and I can now show my 
entry for it .
September started like any other month 
but soon led to sitting at my computer 
and Make the cut software for many hours 
over the two first days of September.
Then it was time to take the pattern to the 
force to cut out  (with one false start as I had
designed the legs wrong).

Looking around the room there is not many pink robots in 
this house! things were now coming together how i imagined .
With now is laying ready to all come together ready for 
decorating . I took a bit of a break from it TO THINK
as it was 16" tall I did not want the weight of his head to 
buckle his feet , neck or any part.
So he layed in pieces for 2 days while i thought of what to do.

Cut some Gears out of the darker pink and more gears 
out of the darker pink and added to the finished 3D robot .
Then and only then I was ready to put my entry form into 
the art show in George Town as i was happy with how 
had turned out 
So he was delivered to the The Jim Mooney Gallery
 on Tuesday 
and Last night (friday 11th November 2016)
was opening night.

If you are in Tasmania POP on up to 
The Jim Mooney Gallery
George Town and be sure to check these Pink 
art works out 
DON'T forget to vote for your favorite artwork 
while you are there ;-)

OH and a Huge shout out to Louise 
my friend who also put her art work in the art show
which was a wonderful woven piece with cuttlebug cut 
Butterflies woven into it 
It turned out fantastic