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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

What and Where have I been up too?

It has been a big busy year for me this year .
And I have had people emailing me or messaging me 
to ask me if i am OK as my blog has been neglected .
I am fine and good. I have taken the last year to 
learn new things (craft wise) and to see lots more
of the new state I live in (Tasmania) .
Still been doing the Make the cut Webinars  
(you will find these lessons in this past years 

And  a frame in box too 

I have also been learning to weave on shaft loom this year which 
has been soo much fun  and continuing to spin yarn on the 
spinning wheel . 

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Soraya said...

Susan, I usually lurk but today I want to say I'm happy to see you and you're doing well.