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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Some embroidered presents

As well as the webinars and weaving and Spinning 
I have been still learning the designing part of the 
embroidery machine and also making presents for people and 
events .
Having seen  a store brought bag that one of the ladies at 
spinning had that had been altered, Jaddy said how great it 
was and would love something like that .
So that got me thinking that I had wanted to try digitizing a 
sheep and this would be a great reason . So out came my 
program and books and dvds and I set to learning more .
this is the bag I made Jaddy (with her name on it too)

Made these for Louise that is teaching us to 
weave (she loves butterflies and the colour pink)

Then we  just had out christmas lunch for the 
spinning group i go to and this is the Kris Kringle (secret santa)

with a necklace to go with it that i made

 And a hand towel
 A sweet little set
Then as a extra secret santa  for a very special lady
(This one I made the bag as well the other was a store 
brought bag that i added the pocket onto )

 So as you can see I have been keeping busy .

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