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Monday, October 26, 2015

I am also a WEAVER now

I have been learning lots of new things since 
moving from Victoria to Tasmania (Australia).
Thinking my life was going to be quiet here HEHEHEHE.
With 12 months ago I brought myself my first spinning wheel
and joining group here to learn how to use it . And from this I 
have also been having Weaving lessons to learn the art of 
Our lessons are with one of our group 
Louise she is a wonderful teacher and there for any help we
need. Here is my first lesson with the 4 shaft  loom
(borrowed a loom for this one ) It was learning the basic twill

 Also with the borrowed loom I did my second lesson 
which has 80 different patterns on the one sampler

Now I am sooo hooked on weaving I now have 
a 4 shaft loom of my own working on my next lesson
Here is my newest toy in the house .
This one is a big project and still  working on it .

Now as a note I am still doing other crafts including
paper crafts , sewing ,ect.... It is just soo much fun to 
learn more things.

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Soraya said...

I admire your versatility. Always so talented.