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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

A Busy River

Yesterday I mentioned that i was going
back down to the river to see the Submarine 
leave the river . And I am soo happy that I did 
as it was amazing .
On the tamar river at Windmill Point the river is not very wide so 
we can get good views things going by.

And this is the Tamar pilot boat that went out to 
get out pilot of the Submarine after it got out the 

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Whales in the RIVER

THE best thing living here is we are near
the Tamar river and yesterday we had 3 visitors
in the river . My camera is not good enough to 
take photos of them but if you go to this 
you can see the sights we seen yesterday afternoon.
Today I am going down the river to see the 
Submarine that came in on Saturday leave the river 
will post photos tomorrow .

Teddy BEAR

Meet my new Friend .
I wove the fabric for him on the 
Rigid heddle weaving loom and then 
I used that fabric and made a teddy bear .
even knitted a scarf for him

Monday, October 26, 2015

I am also a WEAVER now

I have been learning lots of new things since 
moving from Victoria to Tasmania (Australia).
Thinking my life was going to be quiet here HEHEHEHE.
With 12 months ago I brought myself my first spinning wheel
and joining group here to learn how to use it . And from this I 
have also been having Weaving lessons to learn the art of 
Our lessons are with one of our group 
Louise she is a wonderful teacher and there for any help we
need. Here is my first lesson with the 4 shaft  loom
(borrowed a loom for this one ) It was learning the basic twill

 Also with the borrowed loom I did my second lesson 
which has 80 different patterns on the one sampler

Now I am sooo hooked on weaving I now have 
a 4 shaft loom of my own working on my next lesson
Here is my newest toy in the house .
This one is a big project and still  working on it .

Now as a note I am still doing other crafts including
paper crafts , sewing ,ect.... It is just soo much fun to 
learn more things.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

T is for TOWELs

It is great to finally be able to post 
three things to my blog today 
This was the door prize at the T party
I designed it in Perla plus and 
sewed then using the brother embroidery machine.


This is a prize i made for the raffle 
at the " T " party yesterday for a 
group I belong to in Tasmania 
(spinners and weavers group)
designed in make the cut, cut from
vinyl stuck onto the canvas then spray painted
and then removed the vinyl


the "T" Box

This weekend the group I belong to in Tasmania had
a 7th birthday party. 
The Theme of this years party was the
 Letter " T "
So as a winning prize for someone that wears something beginning with 
"T". I made this box and filled it with tiny teddy cookies
designed in make the cut and cut on the Zing
"Traffic on T box"