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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

80th Birthday Card and little present

Yes OK I know it has been ages since I
posted to this blog. I am still here.

Here is a card I made for one of the ladies here
and then I could not think of what to give her  for 
her birthday and THEN I seen her in the street on 
her ride on chair and the flag she had on it was an 
Australian flag that was all torn and faded so I thought 
I know  I will make her a new flag .
Which I embroidered on the machine
(she loved it )
 Top view
 folds flat to fit in the envelope

 The embroidered flag 
(brought the sheep pattern)


A quick visit
to the mainland 
to visit Martyn  and shop
We seen this new addition to the area
and I do like him pitty it did not fit on the roof 
off the car to bring him home with us