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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Baby card

Here is a card made using a SVGcuts file
This was made for a lady at Spinning who is due to have 
her baby in July

 Which i made it larger than the pattern (flat it is 11" x 7.5")

And here is a look off some of the presents in the basket that 
we all gave her
 there are two dolls blankets i weaved for her two daughters 
in top right hand corner
 I weaved this baby blanket


Rosie said...

What a wonderful selection of gifts!

Sandi said...

Those are really nice!

Mary B. said...

Wow, love your box card, Susan! It looks so cute!! And what a lovely gift! Thanks for sharing! :) ~Mary

BSI said...

Beautiful box card. You weave too!!! You are so talented. Thanks for sharing.