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Monday, January 12, 2015

AN ADVENTURE From sheep to knit

This has been so much fun  on the 12th of December  my
fleece was delivered (her name is Lucy Lamb only a few months old)
So that afternoon I started by separating her stamples into boxes
got out my  flick brush and comb to start getting ready
for spinning
nice and fluffy now ready for spinning
Spin and ply and now ready to wash
Washing  oh look at the water  no longer   beige
colour  wool it is white now
to the kitchen  for dying with food colour and vinegar
in the microwave
 and some blue
 Done and dried
 making them into balls of wool
 There were lots the next blog posting of the finished 
garment with have full total (not quiet finished 
yet  NEARLY Though)
 NOW LETS turn it into something!!
Will post the finished garment   soon as it is finished


BSI said...

You are one talented individual! Love the colors of the yarn. :)

Soraya said...

You put people like me to shame :) lovely and incredible process

Teresa said...

beautiful colors Tfs