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Friday, December 05, 2014

Spinning a Kris Kringle

Now I have finished my christmas cards 
and they are all on there way around the world .
It then came time to think about what to do 
for our Christmas lunch yesterday 
(for the spinning wheel group that i meet with on Thursdays )
We had to bring a Kris Kringle present.
As my spinning is still in the learning stage I though 
what was I going to make for the present .
And then I had a thought that I would buy a glass jar and 
etch it with the spinning wheel and fill with lollies.

Then I thought I know I will do an 
embroidered towel. Now I had to take my design that 
I had drawn in Make the Cut and into my 
embroidery software and convert it to a 
stitch file ( added more to the embroidery file like 
the wool)
And here is what i came up with .
(all the spinning wheel embroidery paterns I had seen 
on the net were not what i wanted it to look like )

 And here is what it looked like in the box

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