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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Christmas Tree OH Christmas tree !

OK  now I can show my Christmas card 
for this year . 
I was a bit distracted this year with pop up cards/books,
embroidery machine and then Spinning machines.
that when it came to late november that I had not even thought about 
the Christmas cards from us this year . Then we had on Wednesday 
morning the Shopping catalogs "YUNK MAIL" arrive 
and Neal was reading them and then said to me  "Susan 
this is you this is a Susan Style " Handing me a picture out 
of one of them . and said "this should be your Christmas
card this year "
being slice form, it was it was cool so I set out to design it 
in Make the cut 
and HERE is the result of what i came up with
 AND how to make in Make the cut you can view 

And this is what inspired it all


Darlene Iglehart said...

Looks like you made a Christmas tree farm. Great job!

Jana Forrest said...

Susan, this is amazing! Something to tickle the heart of anyone who receives it. Wonderful!

jean said...

so beautiful Susan...your work always is!!!

Janis LU said...

These are gorgeous~

bobbiecz said...

Wow - those are awesome!!! Great job.

discrafty said...

I live in Adelaide and saw this in the Target catalogue I think and I thought about doing one also but never got around to it....looks great!