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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Wild life

Tasmanian Devils

an echidna

Koala   (oops no that is Martyn)

Trip to town For the christmas parade

Saturday night he headed in to 
town  (by bikes as last year we could not 
get the car close as all streets were blocked of )
But before going I added a bit of tree decorations
to our bikes and we wore out christmas shirts

Friday, December 12, 2014

BlueRobot Robot Scarf

The other day I showed the scarf that i had 
made on the loopdeloom . After doing that 
one I thought now can I use the loopdeloom to 
do  a scarf  with picture on it  and well as it 
was not as simple as the plain blue one it 
was soo cool to make .
(made with store brought yarn)

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Poppies knitted

On the website 5000 Poppies HERE
they are trying to get wool poppies from people all 
over Australia  and I thought I would do my part 
So I got out my Matel Barbie knitter and 
made nine of them 
First I will show my knitter
(mine is older than the ones they brought out for matel and does 
not have matel on it at all )
And now my poppies

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Christmas Tree OH Christmas tree !

OK  now I can show my Christmas card 
for this year . 
I was a bit distracted this year with pop up cards/books,
embroidery machine and then Spinning machines.
that when it came to late november that I had not even thought about 
the Christmas cards from us this year . Then we had on Wednesday 
morning the Shopping catalogs "YUNK MAIL" arrive 
and Neal was reading them and then said to me  "Susan 
this is you this is a Susan Style " Handing me a picture out 
of one of them . and said "this should be your Christmas
card this year "
being slice form, it was it was cool so I set out to design it 
in Make the cut 
and HERE is the result of what i came up with
 AND how to make in Make the cut you can view 

And this is what inspired it all

Monday, December 08, 2014

Peg loom (loopdeloom) Scarf Blue

When I got the spinning wheel I promissed that I 
would use some of the stash of store brought wool
I had in the house as well . So I went looking for 
a "Peg loom" and on the search to find a peg loom 
that I would be happy with. I came across a kids 
toy called "loopdeloom" and of corse I had to have 
some of them (brought two as they join together to make 
wider projects). And here is the first scarf I made on it .
First the loopdeloom
And my first project (will not be my last this 
took me about 30 minutes to weave)

First weaving project (pink Scarf)

Not only have I gotten some Spinning wheels this past
couple of months but I have also gotten a Weaving loom
(only had kids toy ones before ) and this is the first real 
weaving project i have done in over 25 years.
I used store brought wool 
 Even managed a little pattern on each end of the scarf

Friday, December 05, 2014

Spinning a Kris Kringle

Now I have finished my christmas cards 
and they are all on there way around the world .
It then came time to think about what to do 
for our Christmas lunch yesterday 
(for the spinning wheel group that i meet with on Thursdays )
We had to bring a Kris Kringle present.
As my spinning is still in the learning stage I though 
what was I going to make for the present .
And then I had a thought that I would buy a glass jar and 
etch it with the spinning wheel and fill with lollies.

Then I thought I know I will do an 
embroidered towel. Now I had to take my design that 
I had drawn in Make the Cut and into my 
embroidery software and convert it to a 
stitch file ( added more to the embroidery file like 
the wool)
And here is what i came up with .
(all the spinning wheel embroidery paterns I had seen 
on the net were not what i wanted it to look like )

 And here is what it looked like in the box