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Wednesday, October 29, 2014


On October the 5th  I got a spinning wheel (which the posting 
was HERE)  Well that was a Sunday, on the Sunday night I 
sent an email of to Jaddy from the Tamar Valley Spinners group 
for some information on there group. Still knowing that my 
spinning wheel was not complete and needed stuff to get it 
working as well as some fleece to spin.  OH yes and not 
to mention that i have never used a spinning wheel before .
Jaddy rang me and we talked for a while and she had organized 
for me to get it up and working if i was able to come along to 
the Thursday spinning group . 
Well I turned up to the hall on the Thursday and  everyone was 
soo nice friendly and helpful. In no time things were added to my 
spinner and it was workable . Now was the long task for them all to 
teach me . I was determined that I was going to learn this .
4 hours had gone by and I was getting there slowly lots of broken 
thread, starting and stopping ,  i got a little bit spun (thick and thin 
all the way though but it was somthing ) by the last 15 minutes of the 
4th   hour  I was just getting it   and manged in that 15 minutes to get more 
spun than in the 3 3/4 hours before . YOU GUESSED it the day 
was over  and I packed the wheel into the car and went home to 
practise  thinking of all that i had learnt that day .
The next thursday came and i was off to spinning again .
This time I was getting better and happy with my spinning .
The first spun wool of the wheel and it was promissed to Neal 
that he would finally  get is wool hat with this.

the hat was knitted on the red loom

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