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Friday, October 17, 2014

Elephant everywhere bag

Still learning the Perla software for my designing for
my embroidery machine. This time I thought I would 
take the elephant from the zoo expansion pack from scrap factory 
and try my hand at some more outline work . 
This is the best one outline work I have done so far as the 
others  I did not know that it was as easy as I worked out now .
So after I turned it into a sewing file I then tryed it out . So as 
not to waste the test sews (even though i had sewn it on 
fleece.) I thought I would make it into a bag or two 
given that it was two pieces of embroidery 
but then when it came time to design the bag pattern 
I discovered that I hand only enough  fabric left 
to make it into one bag. So the next question was how HOW was I 
going to fit the two designs onto the one bag   (I could have 
put a pocket on both sides but I did not want that ) 

 So here is what I came up with .
After many hours folding the sewn pieces 
they looked best if the pockets were slanted

 That way too I did not cut off any of the bigger elephant
 Lined the bag as so the fleece does not stretch  over time

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