Scrap Factory Expanaion Packs

Friday, October 31, 2014

A thanks to Jaddy

Firstly let me say that Hand carders are  for getting 
things ready to spin on the spinning wheel 
Earlier this week I had Jaddy's hand carders come for a couple of days visit to my house and to return them with a little thank you to Jaddy I made her  handcarder covers on my embroidery machine
Great way for me to combine all my craft obsessions 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


On October the 5th  I got a spinning wheel (which the posting 
was HERE)  Well that was a Sunday, on the Sunday night I 
sent an email of to Jaddy from the Tamar Valley Spinners group 
for some information on there group. Still knowing that my 
spinning wheel was not complete and needed stuff to get it 
working as well as some fleece to spin.  OH yes and not 
to mention that i have never used a spinning wheel before .
Jaddy rang me and we talked for a while and she had organized 
for me to get it up and working if i was able to come along to 
the Thursday spinning group . 
Well I turned up to the hall on the Thursday and  everyone was 
soo nice friendly and helpful. In no time things were added to my 
spinner and it was workable . Now was the long task for them all to 
teach me . I was determined that I was going to learn this .
4 hours had gone by and I was getting there slowly lots of broken 
thread, starting and stopping ,  i got a little bit spun (thick and thin 
all the way though but it was somthing ) by the last 15 minutes of the 
4th   hour  I was just getting it   and manged in that 15 minutes to get more 
spun than in the 3 3/4 hours before . YOU GUESSED it the day 
was over  and I packed the wheel into the car and went home to 
practise  thinking of all that i had learnt that day .
The next thursday came and i was off to spinning again .
This time I was getting better and happy with my spinning .
The first spun wool of the wheel and it was promissed to Neal 
that he would finally  get is wool hat with this.

the hat was knitted on the red loom

Friday, October 17, 2014

Elephant everywhere bag

Still learning the Perla software for my designing for
my embroidery machine. This time I thought I would 
take the elephant from the zoo expansion pack from scrap factory 
and try my hand at some more outline work . 
This is the best one outline work I have done so far as the 
others  I did not know that it was as easy as I worked out now .
So after I turned it into a sewing file I then tryed it out . So as 
not to waste the test sews (even though i had sewn it on 
fleece.) I thought I would make it into a bag or two 
given that it was two pieces of embroidery 
but then when it came time to design the bag pattern 
I discovered that I hand only enough  fabric left 
to make it into one bag. So the next question was how HOW was I 
going to fit the two designs onto the one bag   (I could have 
put a pocket on both sides but I did not want that ) 

 So here is what I came up with .
After many hours folding the sewn pieces 
they looked best if the pockets were slanted

 That way too I did not cut off any of the bigger elephant
 Lined the bag as so the fleece does not stretch  over time

Friday, October 10, 2014

TALK like a ROBOT day (10 10)

Being October ten already here  in Australia 
Today is talk like a ROBOT day .
And here today I am showing you the first 
Bike Flag that I have embroidered for Neal's
Bike. In the past I have made him flags for the special
days but they were with Heat Vinyl Transfer.
If I had to choose between them both I love the 
Embroidered on better 

The Embroidery Pattern was purchased from

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Caravan Bag (looks like it has a flat wheel)

This is a first of the in the hoop SHAPED BAGS that I have 
had a go at  designing  Sad thing was I got the wheel part sooo
wrong. It was also my first real go at  applique and that also 
needed a little fixing after I sewed it .
But all up I am happy with the result

 And the back

 yes he made it in the caravan LOL 

Monday, October 06, 2014

I have a NEW TOY!!

Well I finally got  one after a year and half of looking
I got a second hand SPINNING WHEEL
(which when i moved over here that is one of the things
I really really wanted to get )
MIND you I have never ever used one in all my life so 
I will have to learn how to use that too .

YET another thing to learn how to use .

Friday, October 03, 2014

TEDDY BEARS Best Friends Because....... BOOK TWO

A week ago I showed you Book ONE of a two part 
POP UP book  that the two books are held together with 
strong magnets and easy pulled apart for ease of reading
Today I am here to show you BOOK TWO 
If you have not seen BOOK ONE go there to look at that 
first (if you want)(specially to see where book one ended up)
this is the cover of the book using kaleidoscope software 
to make the print for the cover using the teddy from the last
page of book one  (hehehe could not use the teddy from the
last page of book two  SPOOKY )
 the magnets are thin enough that you can hardly tell they are there
but they are strong i can hold one book and the other will not fall off .

 call this listening? Yeah right!

 Waiting waiting waiting!


 Guess he would have if i did not take him !

 don't know if he played fair

 NO The last page !!!
Are you ready?
Look at the face on the blue robot!
I now live in Tasmania soo......
 If there are Aussies out there might get a little joke on this 
page too !

Bad Breath            WHERES MY TOOTH
and        SCRAP FACTORY
Movies               MOVIE NIGHT
and          SCRAP FACTORY
Interupt          SCRAP FACTORY
Problems        SCRAP FACTORY
Bathroom       SQUEAKY CLEAN
and        SCRAP FACTORY
      Money       BUILDING BLOCK BEAR
    Party         LITTLE BLACK BEARS
Chess        SCRAP FACTORY
Drive              RACE KIDS
and          SCRAP FACTORY
 and                      ROBOTS

I also cut all my page backings using the 
cutterpiller.  And the Embossing was done using 
the Ebosser .
Which you can purchase from Skat Katz