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Thursday, September 04, 2014

WHO Pop Up Book

For those of you that were in the Webinar yesterday 
2nd/3rd September 2014 would have had a little sneak 
peak into one of the pages in this book .
I am here today to show the completed book .
I used Scrap factory and designed a lot of the Clothes and Hair myself
to suit each Doctor
( See Sunday morning (4am) a few weeks ago I woke Neal so we 
could watch Dr Who  (latest doctor)  which was on that time of the 
morning here so it was on the same time as it was being shown in 
England . It was then I thought OK this is the 12th Doctor, I normally
do anywhere from 7 to 11 pages in my pop up books  so I think I could 
do a Dr Who book .)

HERE is The book 

AND a close look of the DOCTORS 
(before they went in the book)
On top of designing all the clothes, I then had to design 
all the printed paper to cut them out of .

 Still need to cut an umbrella for this one

 I used 
SCRAP FACTORY to make these

I also cut all my page backings using the 
Which you can purchase from Skat Katz


Teresa said...

I love Dr. Who You did a wonderful job as always :-} God Bless

Gisela Towner said...

That is so cool! I'm a big fan of the Doctor.
But where is the War Doctor? :)