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Monday, September 22, 2014

Robot Bag

Year gone by since I got the digitizing software 
Perla Premium and   when i first got the software I 
was just starting to learn it when I got a bit sidetracked
with Pop up cards. Learning back then about what 
they call REDWORK  (which is really the outlining 
stitching of pictures) as well as learning about 
IN THE HOOP (which is making the things only 
using the embroidery machine and getting it to make the 
complete project   sewing the zip in as well )
So   now when i am going back to continue to learn all 
i  can about the software and how to digitize I thought 
I would continue with the zip bags (having lost my 
camera bag that i made a year ago .) I thought i would make myself
another camera bag or two .

Purchased the robot jpegs from 123royality free

Thanks go out to all that have sent me emails with 
hits and tips and sites for digitizing  
It has all helped me on this learning journey