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Monday, September 15, 2014

My Cooks Towel

Twelve months ago I got my embroidery machine
and  the software for digitizing . At the time I recieved it 
I gave it a good shot of learning the software BUT 
then I got a little sidetracked and  stopped using the 
soft ware for a while.
Now I have a goal of learning it completely  and being 
able to do anything I want . 
With the bag I put on my blog the other day  HERE
I learnt a lot while  making that pattern (and enjoyed it) 
and all I could think about was my next pattern and next one after 
that , so even though this week having Martyn for a visit because i 
don't sleep much I am in here at time when the two are both asleep.
So I gave a cook brick person a go at HAND digitizing ( not a 
fan of the button on the software that  does it for you (as it 
does not do a great job of over laps and tracing ))
Here is  the towel I made 
 I am soo amazed that with lots of planing in the designing
that the image only took 30 minutes to sew and it is 
way softer and neater than the ones that I was designing back 
twelve months ago

I am looking forward to hearing what you all think of this effort .
I am working on a few more  (OK a lot more) things 
that I will be showing  soon  (yes as well as I will be showing 
my pop ups I am working on too  I have not got sidetracked 
from Pop up card studio )
By the way  for those that don't know that Martyn is a 
Chef and I made this for him!


MichelleMyBelle said...

so cool, Susan!! I'm sure he loved it. Great job on this.

Leslie Cernocky said...

Really cute Susan. Martyn will love it.

Teresa said...

love it what format does your embriodery machine use mine takes pes. What software do you use to digitizine with?

SusanBluerobot said...

It takes a .pes format and I am using Perla Premum