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Friday, September 05, 2014

Lost in Space BAG

Spent the past day and a half  working on 
trying to get back to learning my digitizing program 
for my embroidery machine and I thought I would 
go back to basics (where they tell you to start  when 
learning ) on what is called "redwork". 
So I found a picture of a lost in space robot 
and sat there hand tracing it.  Only planed to sit there
for a little time to get it started (forgot to go to bed when 
I planed as I got soo hooked on it I wanted to keep going )
then Cause I did not get it finished before having a sleep, I got
up at 3am and sat there again working on it by 5am I had 
embroidered it . Then the problem was what was I going to do 
with the embroidery then. So I then started to make it into 
a bag  using my normal machine to  make the stitches to decorate the rest of the 
bag (something that i had seen at the craft show in hobart in july)
So Here is what I made 


Teresa said...

very cute TFS

grandma salkil said...

You are so very talented! What kind of embroidery machine do you have? I suppose the digitizing knowledge of nodes, etc. helped you when learning Make the Cut. You are an inspiration to us all when we hear you each week on the MTC webinars.

Nannie4 said...

Susan, every time I see a robot I think of you and your creations {smile} I was in Walmart today and saw a robot gift bag. That sent me back to your blog. {LOL} I had to see what you're up to. That bag is pretty amazing. I snickered when I read about how you get so involved in your work because I am one of those people too. Time just melts away when working on projects. It's very healthy I think. No stress, just fun. Love your creativity.