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Monday, September 08, 2014

Going to the ZOO ZOO ZOO ! You Can COME TOO "POP UP BOOK "

While making this pop up book I planed it soo many ways
First thought it had to be a double pop up card , then once I 
had started placing the first couple of animals I soon learnt that 
I did not need it to be a double pop up (which was good cut down on 
the thickness of the book) 
The next PROBLEM I had was  
The last zoo I went to was the Tasmanian zoo (outside Launceston Tasmania)
and we came out of that zoo feeling so sorry for the animals . 
There was no fun for the animals and they were all fenced in and they 
were (some were) just laying lazily in the sun.
Having grown up in Victoria Australia  and over the 40+ years of
me going to that zoo the cages and the animal improved soo much 
it was a pleasure to go there and see how well they were doing.
So which brings me to the problem I wanted my book to have nice
fences. So I designed the fences  as normal and was to add a 
natural look to them as I could.
So HERE is how my book turned out . Added 24 2" paper pieced 
Scrap Factory dolls ( though they were small to put together I am so
glad I stuck to it and paper pieced them and not print and cut them as 
it went well in the book)

Images Used 

I also cut all my page backings using the 
cutterpiller.  And the Embossing was done using 
the Ebosser .
Which you can purchase from Skat Katz


jean said...

I adore your books!!! every single one!!!

MichelleMyBelle said...

Great job, Susan. This is too adorable. :)

Teresa said...

I love this it is so cute. TFS

Jana Forrest said...

Susan, your book is amazing. I always look forward to seeing what you create! Wonderful!

Unknown said...

Beautiful book. All of your books are truly amazing. Thank you for sharing.