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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Darth on a bag

My adventure in digitizing I wanted to try something 
all the one colour (well nearly all ) and using the 
machines patterns to make them look different.
Here is what I did and I used bigger strong magnets 
for the opening of this bag

Friday, September 26, 2014

TEDDY BEARS Best Friends Because....... BOOK ONE

While making this book I came up 
with a problem and that problem was that i had 
WAYYYY too many pages for just one book so 
had to think of way to still have the book with that 
many sayings but still look good so what i did was 
used the STRONG magnets  and made them two books
that stick together  and come apart  to read .
This idea came from a tea towel that we had brought 
Neal's brother a few years back .
FIRSTLY here is the two books  held together
with strong magnets (and they are strong as 
i can pick up one book and the other does not fall off )
 I used kaleidoscope creator to design the cover 
 Just a pull and the books come apart
 magnets are flat that you can hardly tell they are there
 OK Now the first book in this two part blog posting

 even used the inkpad to dirty up the socks on the floor

 I did change some of the wording to suit the books I wanted to 
 hope he is going to treat that robot nicely !!!
NOW if you want to see BOOK TWO of this book 
you will have to come back and visit my blog in 7 days time 

Images used 
To Fat                ScrapFactory
Big Hug               ScrapFactory
Dirty Socks         Lucky Bears
Chips                 Latte Bears
Ungrateful             List for Santa
                       and     Scrap factory
  Fleas                   Little Black Bears
Intellectually       Reading Time            
Cookies      Milk and Cookies
Told You So          Latte Bears
Noisy        Music Palz
Sick             Bed Patients
 Favorite Robot           Robots
                                      and     Beary sweet bears

I also cut all my page backings using the 
cutterpiller.  And the Embossing was done using 
the Ebosser .
Which you can purchase from Skat Katz

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


OK  Here is two more bags I made  on 
the embroidery machine.
I am having fun learning the software of digitizing and 
am getting there. 
(For those of you are wondering if i am still using my 
PCS and ZING yes I have a two part book to post really 
soon on my blog stay tuned for those two posts)

 image purchased from 123royality free
I end up with lots of  trial  stitches so I turn them into 
bags  while I am learning the digitizing side of the 
machine .

Monday, September 22, 2014

Robot Bag

Year gone by since I got the digitizing software 
Perla Premium and   when i first got the software I 
was just starting to learn it when I got a bit sidetracked
with Pop up cards. Learning back then about what 
they call REDWORK  (which is really the outlining 
stitching of pictures) as well as learning about 
IN THE HOOP (which is making the things only 
using the embroidery machine and getting it to make the 
complete project   sewing the zip in as well )
So   now when i am going back to continue to learn all 
i  can about the software and how to digitize I thought 
I would continue with the zip bags (having lost my 
camera bag that i made a year ago .) I thought i would make myself
another camera bag or two .

Purchased the robot jpegs from 123royality free

Thanks go out to all that have sent me emails with 
hits and tips and sites for digitizing  
It has all helped me on this learning journey

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Webinar 16/17 Sept 2014 Box (HOMEWORK)

OK I did the magnet opening a little different by here is my take on the
box that Julie demoed in webinar today.

Thanks Julie for the demo 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A Gift of Friendship POP UP BOOK

In July when we went down to Hobart Tasmania for 
a holiday, I took with me a plan of books to design while 
down there , the first morning there I sat at the computer and 
was going to make a start and on the wall of the sunroom was a 
plaque that was a small verse from "A Gift of Friendship" 
and  I could not concentrate on the things on my to do 
list I wanted to do a friendship book. So I surfed the internet
to find more of the saying of gift of friendship. And set to 
work designing my book . 
Which I then cut it the week I got back and I am soo happy 
with how this book turned out (it was ment to be )

images used

I also cut all my page backings using the 
cutterpiller.  And the Embossing was done using 
the Ebosser .
Which you can purchase from Skat Katz