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Friday, August 15, 2014


OK here is my newest book 
I used Scrappy Dew designs BUT
this is also done using the HEADS UP DISPLAY 
in Scrap Factory  to change the images to all 
girls and a head that I wanted the image.
FIND the Video explaning the HEADS UP DISPLAY 

So here is my book  
FIRSTLY the instruments being played are 
not in the songs. I just wanted the book to have 
a Music THEME.
SECONDLY I am sorry that some of the titles seem
strange , but they are my all time favorite songs.
THIRDLY  I have a spelling mistake in the book
and there was no easy way to fix it so we decided to leave it 
that way  .
I used Silicon Mirror to  make the paper to cover this book.
 I burnt the MP3 songs onto a CD  of all ten songs and 
added in the first page of the book 
(so in years to come  the book will make more sense to people)

 No the count down to the favorite

 Stitched the strings into the instruments  with cotton
 YES i know my spelling is sooooooo bad

So now what is the HEADS UP DISPLAY 
that i talked about at the start of this post 
well on the picture below you will see that I have 
started with the scrappy dew image on the left 
and using the scrap factory and a few  tweaking in 
MTC I have changed the heads of the images to 
all be the same head (but you can use all diferent heads )
Images used 
 Scrap Factory 

I also cut all my page backings using the 
cutterpiller. Which you can purchase from Skat Katz

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