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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Sea Shepherd "The Steve Irwin"

One thing living in a town by the river
is getting to see the boats go in and out the river 
and this one is well worth it 
The Sea Shepherd "The Steve Irwin"
(the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, and used in their direct action campaigns against whaling)
Came up the Tamar river a month ago to go into 
dry dock for a service and some adjustments .
We did not see it come into the Tamar but we were 
lucky enough yesterday afternoon to see it go out .
 First on Sunday we went to Launceston Tasmania 
to see it in Dry dock 

  Then yesterday afternoon  we  seen it leave  to go look after
the whales

Two Videos  made by  a  guy
Christmas time I was soo happy to be able to see the 
Launcestion to Hobart yachts go up the river on there 
way  and I was amazed with that 
(I am not a sporty or boat lover , they are soo close and 
amazing to see) 

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