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Friday, August 29, 2014

FOOTPRINTS in the SAND Pop Up Book

OK I finally did it I worked out how to 
get this book to look right .
Being so much text and not knowing how to 
split it into pages. And able to get VERY VERY strong 
thin magnets I have now finished my book.
This is a verse that I have always liked since the 
first time I heard it .
This is the spine of my book VERY different than
all my other books as it needed to release from the rest
of the book when reading
 So this part is held in place with a VERY strong magnet
(And i am so surprised how strong they are  )
 Once the front is unclipped from the spine all the 
insides of the page spines also have two
magnets each that have there pair of magnet in the 
spine of the book so as you open it , it will release to
 and you end up with a 8 page book that can open up flat
 That way I was able to get the verse on four lines reading all 
the way across the 8 pages
 It took a bit of work to get the words spread on the pages 
but it was worth it
 And then I set out to find the sea theme Scrappy Dew and Scrap Factory 
images to suit

 And also enough to fit in the POP UP PART of my book here is how 
each book opens 
(p.s. you can see the two magnets between the back spine pages too)
 Used my favorite foot prints embossablities embossing folder 
ran though the E Bosser  for the backgrounds


I also cut all my page backings using the 
cutterpiller.  And the Embossing was done using 
the Ebosser .
Which you can purchase from Skat Katz


Jana Forrest said...

Your creativity never ceases to amaze me. What a beautiful book!

DT~Jana for ScrappyDew

Lysa said...

What a lovely project. I love all your art. Your pop ups are amazing.

Teresa said...

I love this one The poem is one of my favorites TFS :-}

Unknown said...

Beautiful . . . . absolutely beautiful. I love it. You are one creativity person.

Anonymous said...


Nannie4 said...

Awesome! Boggles my mind how you come up with these wonderful creations. I agree, Footprints in the Sand is lovely.

discrafty said...

Amazing...never seen anything like it. It's beautiful.
Well done.