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Sunday, July 27, 2014

NO Place like HOME

Here is my next pop up book 
When i was making the 
block explosion box for the brick people hop HERE .
I really liked making the scrappy dew dolls 
bigger than i have been in the other pop up 
books so I thought. Why cant i make a bigger 
format book to fit bigger dolls in and I gave it a go .
I then  was going to wait for my bigger mats to arrive,
but I dont like waiting so i  cheated and cut the book 
on a 12 x 12 inch mat instead 
(I will do a video of that  next week ) 
Here is the book 
I used scrappy dew designs as well as Scrap factory

Images used 
By the way none of the above (just went locally in Tasmania ) 
And even though it is nice to have a holiday  it will be soo good to
get home as the title of this book is soo true . 


Teresa said...

very cute I love yiue binding system



Jana Forrest said...

Susan, this is brillant! So very creative! I get so inspired by you! Great book!

bobbiecz said...

That is just too stinkin' cute! Absolutely adorable.