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Wednesday, July 02, 2014

LEGO 13" Tall Girl Robot

Yesterday I showed the boy robot  that i made 
Well we brought another figurine this time it was 
the girll robot to match the boy one i had .
So  i thought OK have the pattern I will make this 
one too .
HANG ON !!!!!!
Where is all the card stock going I know  I had 
heaps of card stock a year ago !!!!!
I went to get some  Grey to make a girl robot and it is 
ALL GONE  only 4 pieces left and that is not enough
to make a robot.
Hmmmm think  where could it have gone?
OH it must have been all those books (boy they take heaps 
of card stock) . None in the city so had to order some on 
the internet and wait and wait and wait .
Card stock arrived and HERE she is 

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Teresa said...

Love her :-}