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Monday, July 07, 2014

Are we BEAR yet? POP UP BOOK

With many three day road trips from 
Victoria to Queensland this was a 
saying we heard lots and NOT just out 
of Martyn's mouth LOL
"Are we BEAR yet"
We would take some puppets with us 
and when it came to  workmen working on the road at
the stop signs and go slow signs we would get the puppets to 
wave to them as we passed by and most time the person at each end would 
have a walky talky and they would say what they had just seen and we would 
get the puppets to wave to the other too (so he did not miss out)
All image for this book was  Scrappy dew designs
 and Scrap Factory(including Build a Robot and Bedtime expansion packs)
Here it is 

 Had to Flip this car so the stearing wheel was on the right side 
of the car and I took the bears out of the "love is in the air" set and 
used them to replace the  people that were in the car  
also took two of the cases of the top of the car.

 used a circle and a trapezoid to make the second balloon

Sets used 
Scrap Factory
Build a Robot expansion pack
Bed time expansion pack

NOW to the Video of how I made 

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