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Friday, June 20, 2014

Meet DEW

My Latest Birthday book I made this page as my
last page  And the robot I used in there was my favorite
Robot from Scrappy Dew's Robot set
And I knew that there was no chance of that robot
being in my presents.
SO What did i do?

Cause I liked the robot that much I had to 
make him come to LIFE 
and I used the image completely but just 
made in on a robot shaped body 
Are you ready to meet Dew (that is his name )
 Made is wheels look like wheel tread by running it 
through the ebosser and  then using inkpad lightly on 
the raised area
(also added strength in the boxes of the wheels as 
it has to hold up the rest of the body weight, used card folded as 
corrugation )

 Did the pen work by hand

 As you can see he is over 12inches tall
Image used 

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