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Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Dress Up's POP UP BOOK

Well making this book has brought back memories 
Memories of making costumes for the kids at 
kinda and school . Spending many hours at 
school messuring kids and cutting and sewing 
for there concerts which were once a year.
Also when Martyn was little I also  made him 
many costumes  just for dress ups around the house.
I used Scrappy dew designs (some were halloween 
which i just removed the bag  to make it a dress up for all 
occasions ) 
I started with my table looking like this 
 Sat for a day piecing them together  and it looked like this 
OH and I really wanted a robot in the book but SD did not have 
a kid in a robot suit so i used the ghost and the robot set and made
it look the same as the rest
 Got thing about having a big A3 printer is that i can now print my 
covers for the book binding before  adding it around the mat board
 Because of the way i designed this book I had 
to think about how I was going to make it all work 
so once again like i did in the E-I-E-I-O book 
I made the cover extend

Sadly the Robot is bent around the corner when 
I covered the book   but that is alright still can see him
 But then when you turn to the back of the book 
I put my label in a big robots tummy
Also it was to hide where the two A3 Papers were joined 
so that worked well .
 Now to opening it  if you see in the center I have 
printed a smaller piece with  the full set  to cover that 
mat board of the book
 HERE is where things went WRONG I wanted this side 
to have a pop up page BUT I did not allow for the 
folding  and  it would not go in there no matter what i did 
so i had to pull the pop out out and  add the words flat.
 Least there is lots of POP UP ON the main part of the book

 And the last page had to be my favorite one

Scrappy Dew Designs were used 
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linda from arizona said...

Susan, that is amazing. Your talent has astounded me for years!