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Friday, June 13, 2014

BRICK People Blog hop COMING JUST lesss than 2 days to go

I was asked if i would like to join 
in the Brick people blog hop for 
scrappy dew this coming 
14th June 2014  at 2PM EST (USA EST) 
and it is going to be soo much fun  
I was told i could give a sneak peak 
of what to exspect on my blog so 
here goes I have made to projects for this blog hop
Guess this one is no surprise 
(sorry come back on the 14th June to see the finished project) 
And I also have another project 
sneak peak 
(hmm what part will i show? )
OK  yes i did not make this  they are lego blocks 
but if you come back in 2days you will see what my second project
really is.
Sponsors of this hope will be

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