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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Are we have FUN yet? PopUp BOOK

This time last year I was using my gift cards for 
purchasing pop up books. This year I used 
the gift cards to by card stacks to make PopUp BOOKS
OH how things have turned (that does not mean I don't still 
buy pop up books as I always will
This is my latest book that I have made using 
and Scrap Factory
The Clean up Kidz set is what I used to start
 Adding some of the garden tools from the Garden Gnome set.
Then cause I wanted to keep the same boy and girl from the 
clean up kidz set I then used Scrap Factory to get the 
hairs  for the dolls.
 This book has the most pages so far , but still worked fine

 The hair in scrap factory of this one is named after me 
so I used that hair lots (and it was how I had my hair 
all the way through school years too )

 Then it was to think how to do the Last page 
it had 7 children I had to get on

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