Scrap Factory Expanaion Packs

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Are we have FUN yet? PopUp BOOK

This time last year I was using my gift cards for 
purchasing pop up books. This year I used 
the gift cards to by card stacks to make PopUp BOOKS
OH how things have turned (that does not mean I don't still 
buy pop up books as I always will
This is my latest book that I have made using 
and Scrap Factory
The Clean up Kidz set is what I used to start
 Adding some of the garden tools from the Garden Gnome set.
Then cause I wanted to keep the same boy and girl from the 
clean up kidz set I then used Scrap Factory to get the 
hairs  for the dolls.
 This book has the most pages so far , but still worked fine

 The hair in scrap factory of this one is named after me 
so I used that hair lots (and it was how I had my hair 
all the way through school years too )

 Then it was to think how to do the Last page 
it had 7 children I had to get on

Images used  

Friday, June 27, 2014

Robots on the stairs

On  the Make the cut forum
there was the discussion on the cats on the stairs and Andy shaired the 
PCS file of the one with fish bowls. Well I used that file and made it
more my style
Here is my take on it

Used my own Robots  

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

SusanBlueRobot SliceForm OWL

Well  finally here it is  the OWL slice form that I showed on 
my blog back two years ago and it is now ready to purchase 
from HERE  
It is in Make The Cut format with PDF instruction on how to 
put it together. It is US$ 6
 Click on the picture if you would like to be taken to 
purchase the file

Monday, June 23, 2014

TAKE me out to the BALL GAME.

I did give a sneak peak of this book a few weeks 
back when the NEW Sports Expansion pack came 
out for  Scrap Factory . Well today I am here to show you the 
finished book (even bound it too )
Wonder if you get this song stuck in your head too ?

 This one I used the elephant from the ZOO Animals Expansion pack

 Used the dog from the HOUSE PET expansion pack

 The Zebra is from the ZOO animals expansion pack

 the pig is from the BARNYARD expansion pack

 the Duck is from the BARNYARD expansion pack

 The Koala is from the ZOO animals expansion pack

 The penguin is from the  CHRISTMAS expansion pack

 The wombat is from the WOODLAND animals expansion pack

To see all the Expansion Packs that i have 
for the scrap Factory 
SEE this link 

Other SETS I used from Scrappy Dew