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Saturday, May 10, 2014

E - I - E - I - O POP UP BOOK

Here is my latest pop up book made
with POP UP card studio 
as well as the the images from
 Farm Palz 2 from Scrappy dew

This book gave me lots to think about. 
Was i going to make the first page for 
each animal ? or  how was i going
to get the idea into the book ?
Then i came up with having the first page as a stand a lone 
and always open. Which brought up another  question 
how was i going to bind the book this way ?
None of my book collections i have gave me any hints.
It was soo hard to think how it was going to work. But i 
went ahead and made the pages and  paper pieced the 
whole book including the lettering . Once it was finished it was 
time to think again and again  and here is what i came 
up with 

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Love it and the new look to your blog!