Scrap Factory Expanaion Packs

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Christmas POP UP BOOK (new expansion pack for scrap Factory)

Here is my latest Pop UP book 
This time i went with a Christmas Theme
And I am using the newest release of 
expansion pack for the Scrap Factory 
(this set can be purchased  with the links at bottom 
of this posting ) designed by me
Although i have not put clothes on these they all 
fit the clothes in the scrapfactory base , seasons and diva  sets.
LETs show you the book , This time I have done a little 
extra photos to show you some of the steps i did along the 
way of making the book. 
 After  setting up all the pages in  Pop UP card Studio I then 
went and cut out all the pieces for the paper piecing  .
Once i have all them in stacks of cut pieces  (praying that 
no big gust of wind will come in
I then start making them up (still keeping them in order, so 
as not to get the wrong pieces put on the wrong part)
 Once all that I have cut are inked,  put together and 
had the pen work done on them
 I then cut all the pop up part of the card  and set them in 
the books  (this time i used christmas scrapbook card 
 Then it was time to cut all  backgrounds  cut all the sky first
and glued them in as i cut them so i was gluing the right 
background in the right place

 Then the hard part deciding what  wording to put in the 
book so i could do print and cut on the base backgrounds 
(i am not a story  writer )
 This time I did not glue them in as i  print and cut them as 
I thought they needed  to be inked around the edge
 Guess I forgot to cut some robots out to go on this page 
I will come back to that
It is all starting to take place 
 Only had to REPRINT two as i had spelling wrong 
or word missing
 these two pages were my biggest problem as 
Santa has too many reindeer
Will have to give that some thought
 Print and cut done and inked the edges it was time for the
book to come together .
Did bind it as i normally do

 Robots are cut (have to be robots in the book!)

NOW lets see if i put the reindeers together  in 
on long double pop up I have  the outside of the pages 
blank .  Cut two more pop ups to go on these
 These ones  are single and I used  scrappy dew images 
for these
 Made a nice touch to have the tree and the sleigh
 Now here was my solution to the problem
 one page opens up that way

and the other this way to make them all on the one spread

 Had to find somewhere to put Rudolph  he did not 
fit on pages with other

 Yet another book for my ever growing book collection
(can you believe that this is my 15th book?)
OK  what will i do next.


Rosie said...

WOW! Just lovely!

bobbiecz said...

Wow - this is amazing! You did a great job. My mind is boggling just thinking of how you would go about creating this. Then, putting it together is a whole nother story!