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Saturday, May 17, 2014

180* Colosseum POP UP CARD

Here is a 180* pop up Colosseum.
Pattern is out of a book that i copied into 
Pop Up Card Studio .
making these things from books is 
giving me more and more ideas for  ways 
to get more use out of the PCS and  make more
non building videos for you all using these ideas 
Now the diference with this pop up to
others i have done in  videos for you all 
is this one the center is made  up and then when you 
fold it folds inwards  see bottom picture 


Unknown said...

Hello Susan,

I think this is incredibly remarkable and am attempting to create a colosseum myself. Could you possibly attach a link to the template you used, or a a video with step by step instruction?

Thank you,

Unknown said...

Preciso do molde urgente !!! Trabalho da faculdade!!! Pfv...

Unknown said...

Preciso do molde para um trabalho da faculdade urgente!!! Pfv